Testing, Testing, 1….2….3…..

First test


Hi all,

So, let’s go with some product tests first, I’ll set the scene for you….

Water temp  – Cold ( less than 10 degrees!

Weather – Not great but not terrible, waves  – fairly low…..

Product on test  – Aquasphere MP (Micheal Phelps) Exceed Goggles

Out of the box, good, hard case, stickers covering the lenses for protection and three bridge sizes for perfect fit and adjustment. There is a small fitting inside the case to clip the bridge strip into ( see pic), so you can keep them safe.

I left the original bridge piece in as it felt comfortable, however, I did change it over ( for test purposes) it was very easy to do this, slip in to the nasal side channels on each lens and it’s done.

Aquasphere MP Exceed Goggles

As you can see in the picture above, the strap is one adjustment on a double loop silicone with plastic retainer, this fits well and securely, just make sure one strap is higher ( on crown of head) and one is lower ( just below crown). The strap fits well over and under swim caps too.

Lenses – Tinted to around 60% absorption, what does this mean? It absorbs 60% of available light, so will work well in sunny conditions, but, will not be too dark in overcast weather, if you only intend to use in the pool this grade of tint is perfect.

The lenses are tough grade plastic and it takes some serious whacks to scratch/damage them! I tried on another pair (and it did truly take some knocks before I managed to scratch them up).

Vision – Marketed as good all round clear vision lenses with wide field of view, this clear it isn’t just marketing speak, when you through the lenses there are hardly any blind spots, even right a the curved outer edges, the distortion is minimal.

Comfort (Open Water) – I swam around 2.5km in open water ( the sea), no misting/fogging occurred and the gasket was tight over the eye socket but not uncomfortably so. I did have slight indentation marks after the swim but I like my goggles tight and i think the water temperature also had a part to play.

Comfort (Pool) – I swam a mixed session totalling around 4k, sprints and blocks, the pool was really warm 18 degrees+, the lenses performed well in clarity of vision and comfort was equally as good.

The good and not so good points ( in every blog I will try to simplify to four-six points:

Good  – Vision, Comfort and styling ( admiring looks from other swimmers!) Was that just the goggles thought?? Hee hee

Not so good – They are expensive, but worth it for the points above, you can tell that these are good value due to the visual quality on the lenses alone, also being low profile the fit is great for drag reduction and ‘noise’ reduction in the pool.

Final thoughts – I have tried and tested some great goggles over the years, these are now in my bag as the ‘go to’ pair, especially for pool swims.

Overall Verdict –  9/10

I am happy to answer any specifics on this blog, if you wish to purchase, just click back through to the site here